FREE TRIAL - SAVE up to $5,295

We are offering a free six month trial of our BillingTree SMS service, and this special offer includes:

  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fee for six month trial period
  • 1,000 free text-to-pay messages (or notifications) per month

This solution offers agencies (healthcare providers, financial institutions, and other billers) the ability to facilitate communications via text with consumers within the collections space. Agencies will now have the ability to send payment reminders for Reg E compliance, NSF notifications, and even past due reminders. 

In addition, this solution requires active merchant services with BillingTree, and cancellation of merchant services, within the initial six month period, for any reason terminates this free trial offer. The BillingTree SMS service ends six months from start date unless renewed through contact with BillingTree. Available in CareView, Payrazr or as a stand-alone service.  

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Free Trial Offer!